The 2020 World Multisport Championships Festival will be held in the beautiful city of Almere, Netherlands. (near Amsterdam)

The Lake Windermere Aquathlon will be offering (2) qualifying spots to attend this event and represent Canada in aquathlon.

The qualifying spots will be awarded to the top two finishers, both male and female, in each age group category of the Long Course Aquathlon only. Recipients may chose to decline the opportunity, in which case the offer will be extended to the runner up.

Please be aware that as a member of Age Group Team Canada, competition and travel are completely self funded. Meaning, you as a competitor will be responsible for travel and other costs. In addition, changes to the qualifying process, new this year, require you as a competitor to express your intent to qualify. How to do this is listed below.

For more information about the qualifying process please access the links below.

1) Triathlon Canada Expression of Interest Site This site allows hopeful participants to register their expression of interest to qualify for a given discipline and also activates the roll down process.  Specific event links open 3 weeks prior to race day, and close one day before race day.

2) Triathlon Canada Age Group Qualifying FAQ. - This is a document that outlines the qualifying process in comprehensive detail.

3)Triathlon BC World Championship News Page - A summary news page with a list of qualifying events in BC, together with useful links.