Preserving our natural and cultural spaces

“Every language is a flash of the human spirit… an old growth forest of the mind.” Anthropologist and CBC Massey Lecturer - Wade Davis

  • The natural environment is part of our human experience and human ecology has flourished in the Columbia Valley for more then ten thousand years.

  • The beauty of this natural space is something incredibly special.   

  • What can we do to cultivate a sustainable relationship with this place?

Our approach is twofold; involving the land and water, as well as the people who live here as a community. Central to our philosophy is the belief that we exist within nature, not separate from or external to it.  There is perhaps no better way to engage with the environment then to actually get into the water or out running on the land!    

Given this approach, we are supporting two causes.  The stunning location for this event is at the south end of Lake Windermere, close to where the lake meets wetlands in the the traditional homeland of the Ktunaxa people.  The Windermere Aquathlon Society and our partner, the ʔakisq̓nuk First Nation, recognize the challenges we face together as Canadians to revitalize our Indigenous languages. Ktunaxa, an isolate language, is critically endangered.  Our event aims to raise awareness of Indigenous language loss and to support Ktunaxa language programs.

The second cause concerns the wetland ecozone near our race location, which is home to a well-spring of biodiversity.  We feel this area deserves our attention. We have partnered with local organization/s who are interested in helping this area to flourish with biodiversity for future generations. Donate directly to the our local lake stewardship organization, the Lake Windermere Ambassadors, by using the button above.  

We are asking persons/companies in the area to contribute to this event through donations and/or race entries.  Your donation or entry fee will help fund the costs for the set-up of this premiere event and help us further our goal to raise funds to help these community enterprises.  Please help us make this a fun, safe, and successful event for the community to enjoy. Sponsorship incentives exist for partners so please contact us to find out more.