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  • AGE REQUIREMENT: 12+ (Age is determined as age in the year of Competition - Eg. Your age as of Dec.31st 2022)

  • LOCATION: Kinsmen Beach, Invermere 

  • DISTANCE:    3 x 1km Run - 300m Swim - 1km Run 

  • FORMAT: The relay team event will run at the same time as the Aquathlon Super Sprint Final round.  Relay teams will start at the same time as the athletes selected from the Male & Female Elimination rounds.  Athletes may use any team format, including starting order, strategy, gender mix ect.  Athletes will do the equivalent of 3 back to back Super Sprint distances.


  • Your team will pay one fee of $70 for a maximum of 4 athletes.  If you are in the final round, you may still participate in the relay, however you may only pass your timing chip off after you cross the finishline from the 3 run-swim-run legs of the final round, which you will complete individually.       

  • SCORING:  The timing chip is passes from athlete to athlete for this event. Scoring will be recorded as a team only.  The event is meant to be fun and we realize that not all team combinations will be on a fair competitive standing.  Swimmers may be ready with wetsuit on.

  • DATE: SATURDAY - May 28th, 2022

  • TIME: Same time as super sprint Final round.  Final 3:50pm (tentative)

  • Provincial Championship: No

  • Aquathlon Worlds Championship Qualifier: NO

  • Waves: YES / 30 per wave  (Youth / JR & Adult) 

  • Run Course: Paved, Closed-Course, 3 x Aquathlon Super Sprint distance 

  • Water Temperature Classification: 15°-16°C  -->WETSUITS ARE REQUIRED.  All athletes must wear a wetsuit for the swim and remove it for the run.  Relay teams may have swimmers ready in there suits.  Athletes may not start wearing a wetsuit for the 1st run.

  • Event Rules: Triathlon BC  / World Triathlon 

  • Facilities:  Water supplied on race site, Flush toilets, outdoor showers.  Nearby restaurants, accommodation and shopping.


The Triathlon BC Sanctioned, Lake Windermere Aquathlon BC Provincial Championship Super Sprint event is a premier multisport event held at the iconic Kinsmen Beach in heart of the spectacular Columbia Valley.  This event is a continuous multisport event, meaning that the transition is timed and is considered part of the overall scoring for the event.  Aquathlon is governed under the same rules as triathlon, so no additional swim aids are permitted other than wetsuits.  




Because of this novel format, athletes will need to think carefully about how to organize their transition.  Athletes are permitted to carry their goggles and cap with them for the first run leg.  Shoes must come off for swim entry and runners must be wearing shoes for all legs of the run course.  


At this time it is predicted to be a wetsuit optional cold water swim.  If athletes opt not to wear a wetsuit, it is strongly recommended that they are prepared to swim in cold water or 14°C-16°C.  The Lake Windermere Aquathlon organizing crew will be following all Triathlon BC protocols regarding wetsuit requirements.  Athletes should come prepared to wear a wetsuit if the air temperature should drop on event day.  Typically, mid day air temperature at this time of year is 15°C -22°C.        


Participants should come prepared to swim in cold water.  



Spectators may watch the entire event from Kinsmen Beach and surrounding area, although the pathway system around Dorothy Lake is closed for the race.  There are cafe's and pubs within viewing area.    



All finishers are eligible for draw prizing and age group scoring recognition.    

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