About Aquathlon


Aquathlon is not a “Swimrun” with paddles and shoes. Aquathlon is very similar to triathlon, although we will not be using bikes. Triathlon BC rules apply for this multisport event.

Check out the 2019 World Aquathlon Championship women’s elite highlights here!

Aquathlon is a continuous multi-sport event consisting of swimming and running.  Swimmers in this event will take part in an out and back swim in the pristine waters of Lake Windermere.  Following the swim, athletes will exit the water and transition to a very special trail run course which winds through a woodland environment, gaining elevation over Lake Windermere and providing stunning views of the valley.  This is a limited opportunity to experience a unique landscape that is untouched by development and is home to many forest creatures including the iconic ʔa·knuqǂuǂam̓ or Bald Eagle.     

A run only option is offered and will follow the same run course as the Aquathlon. The 10KM run course is 2 loops of the 5KM course.  

Lake Windermere, is known for it’s calm water in the mornings. It is not uncommon at 8:00am for the lake to resemble a mirror. Swimmers will enjoy the opportunity to open up and lengthen their stroke in this remarkable open water course!